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I had amazingly found all the Believix power dolls today. I was surprised when I saw them in the store.
This is probably one I t least favorite doll lines not because I don’t think it’s unnecessary, but because dolls for the 10th anniversary deserve SO much better.
One thing was that it’s like a “Believix again?” Kinda thing. I guess I’m glad they didn’t choose Sirenix or Harmonix but I think Enchantix would have been a greater choice considering its stance in “real fairy form” and within the series as a whole. And we could’ve gotten nice sparkly Enchantix dolls if they were able to glitter up the Power dolls.
Personal preference for what should have been for the anniversary transformation, is that the dolls just look plain cheap. They look like they were made from unused parts from previous dolls. Musa has Flora’s hair and Bloom has her the exact same prop tiara from the Harmonix doll.
It just doesn’t feel very suiting for a “10 year anniversary doll” that should really look like it it was at least attempted for the celebration and not thrown together at last minute.

Actually these dolls are just a spin off regular Deluxe line

IDK Why but….

I have this theory that the Winx still have Bloomix
Well,has anybody seen the seasons 6 box set for italy?
Well on the cover they have Bloomix art isted of Mythix (the season 5 boxset didn’t had Harmonix,only Sirenix),the wands are like transformation rods (like most magical girl shows have)
But is just a theory that I have so we will just have to see xD

-Please no rude comments or ect.,its just a theory-

Episode Commentary: 6X06 — “Attack of the Sphinx” (22:39)


#WinxClub Episode Commentary: “Attack of the Sphinx” (6X08)

The Muse came up with this idea — a new feature for the blog and a better way to review each episode. Let us know what you think! If it’s a hit, we’ll keep doing this in place of my “My Thoughts on Such-and-Such” posts. (These are more fun, I think. :) )

This was just a test run. Next time (starting next week), we’ll spend a few minutes after each episode and discuss it.

Enjoy! (By the way, this…

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Loved the commentary!
Made me LOL so haed xD

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