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IDK Why but….

I have this theory that the Winx still have Bloomix
Well,has anybody seen the seasons 6 box set for italy?
Well on the cover they have Bloomix art isted of Mythix (the season 5 boxset didn’t had Harmonix,only Sirenix),the wands are like transformation rods (like most magical girl shows have)
But is just a theory that I have so we will just have to see xD

-Please no rude comments or ect.,its just a theory-

Episode Commentary: 6X06 — “Attack of the Sphinx” (22:39)


#WinxClub Episode Commentary: “Attack of the Sphinx” (6X08)

The Muse came up with this idea — a new feature for the blog and a better way to review each episode. Let us know what you think! If it’s a hit, we’ll keep doing this in place of my “My Thoughts on Such-and-Such” posts. (These are more fun, I think. :) )

This was just a test run. Next time (starting next week), we’ll spend a few minutes after each episode and discuss it.

Enjoy! (By the way, this…

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Loved the commentary!
Made me LOL so haed xD

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